Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Sledge, Rattle 'n' Roll

Hey, cool! Auf der Suche nach dem korrekten Wortlaut dieses Zitats habe ich tatsächlich meine absolute Lieblingsfolge von Sledge Hammer bei YouTube gefunden. Just sit back and enjoy:
"Rock! I’m gonna get to the bottom of this, Doreau, and you know why? ’Cause this whole rock scene makes me puke. You know what’s responsible for the moral degeneration of our american youth? Rock! Crime in the streets? Rock! You look under any rock, you know what you find? Rock! I must go find this Vicuna character. Maybe I can catch him with some incriminating evidence and blow him away. That will clear the court calender."
"That satanic noise you pawn off as music feeds on the minds of our young people, causing ’em to grow their hair long and smoke funny cigarettes and then cut school and stay home all day watching that..., that... NBC!" – "MTV!" – "Don’t confuse me!"
"Now listen up, you dirty, filthy, foul-mouth scum!" – "Hey, 've you thought about writing lyrics?" – "Yeah, how's this? I'm tired of your degenerate fun, so you better tell me what you've done, or I'll blow you away with my gun." – "Yeah, that's pretty good, allright."
"This is terrible. It appears that their plane has crashed. – Gory details at 11."
"You have any idea what happened to the plane?" – "Yeah,... the plane... crashed, that's essentially, that's the long and the short of it."

1 Kommentar:

  1. Sledge Hammer war immer mein großes Vorbild;)
    Und noch heute ist es total entspannend sich eine Folge anzuschauen. "Vertrauen Sie mir, ich weiß, was ich tue!"