Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

"If you do not accept this offer, then i will not be happy because it is only you i trust."

Es gibt ja Spam/Phishing-Mails, die sind so dämlich, dass man sie einfach unkommentiert weitergeben muss (eigentlich geschickte Methode). Hier die neueste mich erreichende "Nigeria-Connection-Variante" (man beachte bitte die formvollendete Differenz zwischen Absenderadresse und Angabe in der Mail):

Betreff: MESSAGE!!!!
Von: Rev Lowe,Landra-Michelle []

An American, a missionary born on 11-27-69 in Texas.
1) people willed lots of fund to me before they died for my missionary work and charity..

2)My husband and only child died 9yrs ago,the shock made me develop this heart sickness. i got your profile of trust and love for mankind through a christian
that knows you.

3)I am dying of a serious illness and i willed One million USD to you in my last testament of WILL.

Please take this serious and Get back to me because you are not expected to pay any unecessary fees to get this Fund.But if you must pay any fees,i must assist you financially too.

If you do not accept this offer,then i will not be happy because it is only you i trust.Use part of the fund for charity and some for your personal welfare.i have some documents to give to you as soon as i hear from you today and i will direct you on the simple way to get the fund.(My identity card ).love you and my Lord loves you most.You are blessed by this email.respond to my private email:

(God Bless you.
Rev Lowe,Landra-Michelle

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